Type -

Modified Galvanic Current -

In this treatment method the duration of current flow is long and continuous. Used in cases of severe nerve damage.

Surged Faradic Current -

Shorter duration and intermittent current flow Used in cases of partial nerve damage or nerve compression

Useful for conditions like -

All Nerve injuries (like Radial nerve Injury of the arm or hand),,Muscle weakness(To activate the muscle) , Facial nerve Injury


New Updates - -Opening on 27th July 2014
-Successfully completed a month of operations with treatment of 150 patients
-Organized a free bone densitometry and physiotherapy camp at the centre on 16th August. Attended by 70 patients
-Added more machines to help reduce the waiting time of the patients


“I am a case of right sided paralysis since 3 years. I came to know about the clinic thru newspaper so I decided to join there for exercises.Only after 20days..” Mr.M.Z.