Heat Therapy:-

It helps in following ways

• It relieves the stiffness of the joints.
• It reduces pain.
• It increases the blood flow to the area.
• It reduces muscle tightness.

Benefits -

Heat therapy warms and loosens the tissues and readies them for future exercises.

Duration -

Varies, depending on the condition

Two types of Heat Therapy -

Superficial heat

• Hot fomentation/ hot water bag.
• Paraffin wax bath: It’s a mixture of liquid paraffin and petroleum and wax. Mostly used for hands and feet.

Deep heat

Short wave diathermy: Electromagnetic waves generate heat by tissue resistance to electric current. It heats the deeper layers that are subcutaneous tissue greater than superficial heating techniques


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“I am a case of right sided paralysis since 3 years. I came to know about the clinic thru newspaper so I decided to join there for exercises.Only after 20days..” Mr.M.Z.