Ultrasonic therapy has 2 effects -

Thermal (heat) effect

This is through mechanical vibration. It ensures more oxygen availability to tissues by increasing blood circulation. Greater circulation resultsin removal of waste products and reduction in swelling.

Mechanical effect -

This is due to waveform of ultrasound, which causes compression/rarefaction in tissues causing pumping effect and better resolution of swelling. It also helps in reducing stiffness.

Duration -

Varies, depending on the condition

Useful for -

• Inflammation of Elbow Joint (Tennis elbow) ,Plantar fasciitis (Heel pain),muscle spasm, Shortening of Muscle or Ligament ,Inflammation of tendons(e.g. Supraspinatus Tendnitis) ,Ligament sprain(e.g. Lateral Ligament sprain of ankle) ,Unhealed scars


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“I am a case of right sided paralysis since 3 years. I came to know about the clinic thru newspaper so I decided to join there for exercises.Only after 20days..” Mr.M.Z.